What is Modular Therapy?

Modular Therapy is a systems approach to healing which literally throws everything into the healing spectrum that is possible. A modular approach recognizes that the Human being is more than just flesh and bone but a configuration of mind and body. Our “System” treats the physical effects of illness as well as the mental effects. The exact bridge between these two modes of existence is what we try to affect with our modular system.

Clients of the system not only experience relief from their physical systems but also are counselled and trained in methods of preventing further negative and secondary effects as a result from being ill.

What does this mean?

It means we care about our clients before, during and after the process of recovery to ensure that they not only get better but stay well on a more permanent basis. Our staff are all certified professionals who have experience in a multi modal approach and who are willing to do whatever is necessary to affect meaningful healing and change in our clients.