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We hav a 100% commitment to
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Clients get to choose their own
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Dedicated to Healing Body, Mind and Spirit
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Simply put, we are the most flexible and diverse mental health provider in North America. Our staff are seasoned professionals who are not only practicing therapists but who also contribute to the profession in the ways of innovating different approaches and creating new avenues for faster positive client outcomes.

Our pricing options represent the most fair and reasonable pricing options and deliver value for money as opposed to arbitrary pricing which is not in the best interest of the client.

David Ellis MBA, CH't, Dip.N
Unified Health Systems Partner
Children problems
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Couples Help
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Group Therapy
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Remove Depression
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Help for parents
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Dedicated to Healing Body, Mind and Spirit
Client Reviews
Couples counselling saved our marriage without a doubt. We were particularly impressed with the convenience of doing this online as well as how cost effective it was as compared to our other options. We got to pick our counselor and the staff at UHS were very accomodating with setting times which were after normal working hours for us. We highly recommend them.
Edgar & TracieNew York, USA
I was at the end of my rope when I decided to try Somatics as a treatment option. Being a spiritual person, I did not hold out much hope that a body based system could help me… but wow!!! Consider me converted! Thank you Holly and David!!!!
Sarah Ann WilliamsToronto, CA
Working with David was the single best decision I have made in my life. I had been spending a small fortune on counselling with my former therapist who did not really have many insights to give me. UHS mad it simple and cost effective to resolve my deepest wounds and I did not have to worry about my privacy with him in the small town where I lived.
Martina ThomasRegina SK
Working with Ches Moulton was an absolute pleasure. It saved me from completely quitting my job, There are no words to express the gratitude I have for the intervention from Unified Health Professionals.
Kathy LippinDelaware, USA