Baby Steps for Adult Program

The Baby Steps program for group counseling represents a more innovative and practical approach to the concept of group facilitation. This program focuses on groups of individuals in a themed setting with a defined structure of progress, which is totally participative and supportive. The major difference between this program and other approaches to group facilitation is that individuals are allowed to formulate and initiate resolutions towards their issues with definitive time parameters. Whereas it is unreasonable to expect complete resolution to a situation in a month and a week, the time allotted to the program, individuals are encouraged to “make a start” at healing their lives.

This online program itself requires attendance from the participants during each weekly session with online learning and interaction during the week. The sessions themselves run for three hours a week. During these sessions individuals will be required to identify the root causes of their problems and isolate methods and strategies for resolving them. Participants of the program will not only be coached inside the sessions but will be expected to execute “tasks “set by themselves during the week, towards resolving their issues. This self induced “homework” ensures that the participant commits and is dedicated to progress.

The benefits of this this program is that individuals, for a one-time fee, can gain access to a support group who literally understand what they are going through while also gaining access to our network of professionals and specialists who can assist them with getting their lives back on track in the shortest space of time possible and receive discounts to our retreats and other products as well.