The effects of Alcohol Consumption. Is there a problem?

  • 1.      The premature aging of the brain
  • 2.      Interfering with our dream sleep
  • 3.      Our coordination
  • 4.      Our reaction time
  • 5.      Our problem solving capabilities

At the lower or so-called social levels alcohol lowers our inhibitions, it relaxes us, there is some slight euphoria and increased risk taking.

At the midrange or abuse levels alcohol begins to significantly impair our complex sensory and motor tasks and our judgment, vision, motor skills, information processing, risk taking, etc.

At the upper end alcohol causes double vision, staggering, gross disturbances in intellectual and motor functions, stupor, uncontrolled behavior, depression, coma and death.

Our Baby Steps for adults Counseling program targets ALL individuals on the spectrum. The golden rule of Alcohol Addiction is that if you think or suspect that you or a family member may have a problem with alcohol addiction then its more than likely that you need to seek counseling from a professional who can assist you before the problem becomes unmanageable.