Co-dependent’s Anonymous

Co-Dependency relates to a state of dysfunction where two people with what can only be termed as a relationship addiction worsen the negative traits of each other in terms of psychological anomalies, immaturity, irresponsibility or under-achievement The following is not an exhaustive list of all the characteristics of a co-dependent or someone who is in a co-dependent relationship but if any two to three of these patterns refer to you or your partner/family member then you may be in a co dependent relationship.

Compliance Patterns

  •       I assume responsibility for others’ feelings and/or behavior.
  •       I feel guilty about others feelings and behaviors.
  •       I have difficulty identifying/expressing feelings.
  •       I’m afraid of my anger, yet sometimes erupt in rage.
  •       I worry how others may respond to my feelings, opinions, and behavior.
  •       I’m afraid of being hurt and/or rejected by others.
  •       I minimize, alter or deny how I truly feel.
  •       I’m very sensitive to how others are feeling and feel the same.
  •       I’m afraid to express different opinions or feelings.
  •       I value others opinions and feelings more than my own.
  •       I put other people’s needs and desires before mine.
  •       I am embarrassed to receive recognition and praise, or gifts.
  •       I judge everything I think, say, or do, harshly, as never “good enough”.
  •       I am perfectionist, but have difficulty making decisions.
  •       I am extremely loyal, remaining in harmful situations to long.
  •       I do not ask others to meet my needs or desires.
  •       I perceive myself as lovable and worthwhile person.
  •       I compromise my own values and integrity to avoid rejection or others anger.
  •       I have difficulty in forming and/or maintaining close relationships.