Drug Dependents Checklist

Drug dependency or substance abuse refers to the individual’s reliance on a particular chemical substance which is usually used to allieve psychological or emotional pain or to escape from worldly or material responsibilities. The following is not an exhaustive list of all the characteristics of those who are drug dependent but does provide a roadmap to identifying those who have a predisposition to the condition and may need help.

  • 1.      A profound recurrent urge to intoxication – this is done in order to change the way we feel. The only thing is that most times we can’t predict our intake. It should be noted that for narcotics, barbiturates and cigarettes, this urge is consistent.
  • 2.      This urge is greater than any other urge that we might have e.g. hunger, sex, leisure, work, etc.,
  • 3.      This is what addictions is all about- wondering whether we are going crazy because of the manner in which we are drinking and drinking this way in spite of ourselves.
  • 4.      The urge becomes automatic – we don’t even have to think about drinking, we just do it.
  • 5.      The urge is incurable and in this sense it may be compared to arthritis. However, as sobriety builds, this urge should diminish in intensity and frequency, as time goes by. The surest way to tell or to determine whether someone is hooked on a drug is by the way(s) they are using that drug.