Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse represents one of the most heinous and pernicious social evils of our time. This module helps victims of Sexual Abuse identify coping mechanisms and methodologies which can bring a sense of understanding and perspective to the trauma they would have received as a result of the abuse event. Below is a list of elements which go into abusive events and relationships. Our team of professionals are all qualified and have experience dealing with sexual trauma events and are willing to help you and your loved.

  •       Children naturally respond to sexual stimulation
  •       Child is never responsible for abuse
  •       When an adult is sexual with a child…this equals abuse
  •       Younger child can abuse older child
  •       If a child is seriously abused…may later in life instigate only behavior patterns learned from abusive situations

Physical Sexual Abuse

  •       Abuser achieves a sense of empowerment
  •       Child is taught that abusive act doesn’t hurt
  •       Child is taught that arousal is ordinary
  •       When child is taught that they are meeting parents need better than the other parent
  •       Abuse is masked because of lack of pain
  •       Example: Daddy’s Girl – “I’m better than mom – I’m being sexual with dad – I’m wonderful”

Nonphysical Sexual Abuse (Overt)

Two Types
Voyeurism: when looking at another person sexually stimulates a person
Exhibitionism: when exposing sexual parts of their body to another person sexually stimulates a person

During occasions of nudity among family members a message is sent…no one is private; No closed doors; everybody sees everybody; If you don’t like it or feel shame, you have a problem.

Nonphysical Sexual Abuse (Covert)

The offender usually not doing it for sexual stimulation usually indirect-manipulation-hidden
Verbal: Jokes…teasing…innuendos
Parents interrogate teenagers about dates, disrespecting the right to privacy when parent acts or drops hints about desire to be in a romantic or sexual relationship with child
Giving child info on sex…2 extremes – No Info/too much info (beyond their years)
…Also, skewed info such as kissing can result in pregnancy or masturbation causes pimples and is evil, sinful, and abnormal.