Qi Gong Mastery Retreat


Unified Health Systems will be hosting its inaugural retreat this October, Friday 11th – Monday 14th

This is the first in a series of immersive health, performance and wellness retreats with top practitioners from around the world.

In October we are hosting a Qi Gong with Mindfulness meditation retreat held across 4 days in beautiful Barbados at Naniki. Naniki is a sanctuary of wellness nestled in between rolling hills and a tropical forest.

Master Chris Ray ChappellOn the Friday night there will be a forum at the Wisteria Court Clinic about wellness, nutrition and mind body balance. Speakers are Chris Ray Chappell & David Ellis. It is an opportunity to be part of an intimate in-depth discussion on contemporary wellness as well as to hear more about the new modular Healing Systems available.

The participants will have the opportunity to train directly with Master Chris Ray Chappell who has dedicated the last forty years to directly sourcing, studying and practicing authentic Chinese Internal Arts. He has trained personally with authentic Masters in various fields of expertise. In addition to his in-depth background in martial arts he also has a firm foundation in classical and contemporary ballet, body work including modalities such as Kinesthetic Myofascial Integration, anatomy, Pilates and zero balancing.

Included with your retreat booking are an array of healing equipment to use in conjunction with your Qi Gong practice. The equipment includes a Chi Machine, Lucia Light and PEMF Mat.

There are extra treatments you can add to your package for example you can book in for an Ozone treatment and massages on site. If people choose, they can also book into sessions at UHS Wisteria Court, which hosts other Therapists, Doctors and Nutritionists and houses a float tank, and hyperbaric chamber.

In addition to Qi Gong, people can attend mindfulness meditation sessions at Naniki facilitated by Anne Bancroft. At each session there will be a precise explanation with practice and discussion.  In essence resting awareness on mindfulness of the body, mind and feeling.

Qi Gong Exercise can help you with 3 major aspects of life

Overall Health – Energy cultivation – Strong Mind

  •       bio mechanical improvements and efficiency
  •       structural and postural realignments that improve the flow of the blood, oxygen and energy
  •       mental flexibility and focus

Qi Gong practices utilizes principles of cognitive awareness training that involve the blending of one’s mind, one’s energy and one’s movement to establish a lived coherency in moment to moment living. Gain the benefits of exercise and meditation simultaneously by learning the foundation of Taoist Qi Gong.

Originally valued including accommodation, food and the retreat at USD $5000 and now offered all for an incredible price of USD $2000.

Please contact Karla for further information and booking at