About Us

Unified Health Systems is the result of an amalgamation of non invasive health treatments and therapies. These therapies represent modules of the most statistically effective and relevant  methods of redressing common illnesses.

The “System” also encompasses the use of Nutrition and Psychotherapy as established methods of maintaining the health and well being of the individual. A sound body and mind is the goal of our organization and we have taken care to ensure we see the individual as a whole entity.

So what makes us different than conventional approaches to Health Care? A dedication to providing a service which incorporates traditional approaches with alternative approaches so that all who come through our system are ensured that EVERY effort will be made to affect their healing  both in mind and body without bias.

We see every client (not patient) as unique and our approach to them is equally unique. As our client you can be assured of competent, friendly and reliable professionals who will partner with you on your journey back to optimal health and well being. This is our guarantee!