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Services – Unified Health Systems
  • Phone: (647) 933 2057
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Conditions We Address
For Better Welness & Hope
We are professional counseling services provider
for a variety of health & emotional challenges
affecting individuals and families

Group Therapy

If you're considering psychotherapy, several options are available. One of those options is group therapy. Depending on the nature of...

Couples Therapy

Every relationship has conflict. Learning how to handle your conflicts can not only patch up your issues but also make...

Child Therapy

Many children and teens have problems that affect how they feel, act, or learn. Therapy is a type of treatment...

Workplace Stress

Workplace stressors are classified as physical and psychosocial.Workplace stress not only affects the worker, it also has adverse effects on...

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching engages clients with its unique one-on-one feedback and lots of encouragement. When an individual becomes engaged with their...