Ever since the end of 2019, the toll on health care services all around the world has been massive. Mental Health Care practitioners are not the exception to this rule and the demand for services have increased exponentially. This is why Unified Health systems have entered into collaboration with the Ars Essentia platform to deliver online assistance to those in need. Ars Essentia have been pioneers in the online delivery of health care services for many years and their reputation for reliability is without question in the industry. This collaboration is in aid of supporting immuno-compromised individuals who are not able to get support in person as well as facilitating individuals whose preference it is to seek counselling from international sources. We have been able to digitally codify our Baby Steps for Adults Program so that it is now available online to those people seeking assistance in a group therapy situation as well as Heart Samadhi's online course for couples seeking to increase their connection and intimacy with each other. We will be converting the rest of our programs to this model and we appreciate your patience as we go through this process. An announcement on our site will be available shortly once this process is completed.